VesezziProduction - is a small website where I will upload what I create and share with people who want to buy any of these products. It's everything from Ableton Templates, Presets packs, and anything else. Everything I create is more than a mission to help people create music, find inspiration, learn something new.


I have studied and tested many sounds and knowledge for a long time, at first I learned to repeat tracks by other artists, then I started creating my own tracks (not under this nickname) there are many other nicknames for this you may not hear my tracks under Vesezzi. I decided to give this nickname more for production on sounds, presets, samples, projects for studying music creation and many other things.


All that is on the site is a few training for you how to make a hit or something else, how many can do write how to make a hit and other tricks so that people come to these videos. I still think that such a thing can be written by a person who wrote a hit or a popular track. And not a guy with 300 subscribers or like I have 1300. So what you see on the site is what I created and showed you, you decide whether you need it or not.


Everything that is on the site is just for your taste and for your ears, if you liked it, you buy it. If you don't need it, this also happens, there will be more projects and different products.