Licensing Agreement


General Information:

  • VesezziProduction preset packs, sound banks, racks and sample packs are 100% royalty-free and you can use them for commercial work/releases as well. 
  • Rendering the project files (or templates) and releasing the exact songs as your own original content is prohibited. 
  • However, using the samples, presets, loops, rhythms, different parts (without melody), etc included in the project files is perfectly acceptable. 
  • Redistribution of the banks and packaging are strictly prohibited. 
  • All rights not expressly granted to the user of project files, templates and sounds are reserved.
  • This license is granted for a single user only (and is given on a worldwide basis).
  • All copying, lending, duplicating, re-selling or trading of this product or its content is strictly prohibited. 
  • The license is non-exclusive and is granted for the full period of copyright protection and sound samples. 
  • Purchasing and opening the product constitutes your acceptance of these terms

You may not:

⛔️ Take the project files as they are and release them (on a record label or something similar) under your name

⛔️ Directly or indirectly license, sub-license, sell or resell the Item, or redistribute the work alone (even for free), or any of these things. 

⛔️ Register the copyrights under yourself or a company, release this track under your nickname or on your behalf.

You may use it to:

✅ Learn music production tricks with our templates/project files designed for educational purposes

✅ Reverse engineer the music production process and use it as a foundation for your own productions

✅ Using the sounds, presets, racks partly in your own productions

✅ Using parts in your own tracks 

✅ Using parts for non-profit videos (non-profit: if you don't earn money from this video)

✅ Using files in a live or radio DJ set (only plays)

✅ Incorporate sound elements of the templates/project files into your own tracks/compositions, If you change the project so that it is not found by Shazam or Content ID (Youtube), and also if you make the track so that it does not look like a similar track by another artist, then you can give it to the label.)


If you're not sure you fully understand the scope of this license or have any further questions regarding copyrights and royalty please write to me by email: VesezziProduction
If you liked the track and you want to buy it completely with all the rights and a Full Commercial License, write me: VesezziProduction